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Traveling by the Book

Written by a native Oregonian, Gerry Frank's comprehensive, Where to Find It, Buy It, Eat It in New York is filled with the information that residents trade with one another and tourists need to make any short or extended visit a success. Now in its ninth edition, Frank researches each entry. The title says it all and if it's available in the Big Apple, Frank has tracked it down. Nevertheless, stores and services, as well as restaurants, do move or go out of business so check by phone first before visiting any of the entries. To order the 1998-99 edition of the 600-page, $14.95 paperback , call 800-NYC-Book.

Although the Chic Simple series of books was published by Alfred A. Knopf in 1993, the information in them is not dated. Of particular interest to the traveler is the volume entitled Clothes, including such details as the blazer's birth and the Burberry brainstorm. The suggestions for building a timeless and basic wardrobe makes packing easier and looking well on the road a cinch. In fact, the chapter on basics starts with, "Simplify," and ends with, "Think of packing a suitcase for a long trip and how much more pleasant it is to travel light."

Winter 1995-96