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Jetway Private Air

Interior, Global Express Heavy Jet, Bombardier Inc.

Jetway Private Air, the buy-as-you-fly, on demand private jet service, announced the expansion of its operations to include the opening of a new Florida office just before the holiday season. Jetway Private Air was founded by Chet Dudzik Jr., who spent the past 27 years in private aviation, including serving as Head of Sales for Marquis Jet. Jetway Private Air offers flexibility at a reasonable cost for private flyers. The company’s founders established a model that has attracted a large number of consumers and businesses. Think limo in the sky with the highest service and safely. For private jet flyers this holiday season, choosing a carrier is not just about price, it’s about product. Dudzik has seen a new trend in private jet travel that points to this emerging perspective among travelers. “Private fliers are clearly becoming sensitive to value,” he said. Jetway offers savings by using a unique, DNA, approach to procuring and sourcing jets and itineraries for clients. Every trip has its own DNA . A concierge initially works with each client by gathering specific trip details. D stands for destination. N stands for the number of days in the itinerary. A stands for the average number of flight hours per day. Using this analysis Jetway determines whether to keep the jet for a client from start to finish of the itinerary or to secure one way (empty legs) flights. Customers include Fortune 500 companies, athletes, celebrities and so forth. Clients have a choice of aircraft: turbo-props, light size, mid-size and heavy jets. Some hints for working with a concierge include securing lodgings first and getting a written confirmation that the assigned jet is part of the company’s fleet. Jetway’s pay as you go program has always been able to book the aircraft and itinerary requested by the holiday traveler.


--Fall 2012